Seeburg Mechanism Adjustments

OK, let’s say you’ve got things working… kinda. The mechanism on your Seeburg Jukebox is not engaging properly, maybe repeating, maybe skipping a beat here and there. You dig out your Seeburg mechanism manual which is as confusing as it is comprehensive. Maybe it’s this adjustment, maybe it’s that one. Or maybe I need to adjust A then B then C.

Seeburg Mechanism

Seeburg Mechanism

STOP what you’re doing! Put the tools down and step back from the mechanism.

Chances are that something is stuck, gummed-up or just not moving freely. The oils used over the years tend to turn from being a lubricant into a lacquer or glue or “the blob”. Unless you’ve changed a part, experienced a hard jamb that bent something, it’s probably NOT an adjustment.

The Seeburg 220 that I’ve been restoring had an issue where the tonearm carrier would not shift to the left to play the A side of the records. There was some stickiness to the clutches which with a little repetition and new oil freed up. Once that was working fine, I found that the main clutch wasn’t dropping down completely to go into scan mode. It would pop up enough where it wouldn’t reliably engage. It turns out the Clutch Lifting Adjustment had been fiddled with, apparently when the mech was still sticking. Using page 7 (2478) of the manual (see link above) I set the adjusting screw per Seeburg specs. A little lube here and there, and now the mech works as flawlessly as the day it was built.