Seeburg LPC480 TSA1 Amp Recapped

Changed out ALL the Electrolytics and paper caps on the Seeburg TSA1. Newer caps are physically much smaller than the originals. Mounting can be a challenge due to their smaller size making lead lengths a little short.

I usaully clip the old leads close to the cap, that way I have something to attach to. Sometimes you need to remove the oxidation from wires to get a good solder joint. If there’s a nearby unused terminal lug, it can be used to attach and help support the new components.

Nice thing about the TSA1 amp is it can be operated completely removed from the cabinet. I hooked it up to my home stereo speakers. Man it really cranks!

Here’s the recapped amp:

Seeburg LPC480 Amp ReCapped

Seeburg LPC480 Amp ReCapped