Seeburg LPC480 Prepping for Restoration (Part 2)

Before powering up a non-working Jukebox, the Jukebox needs to have everything Re-Capped . Re-Capping is the process of replacing ALL the Electrolytic and Paper (and if any Wax) capacitors. Electrolytics are polarized capacitors. Sometimes they’re in an aluminum “can”, sometimes wrapped in cardboard or a clear plastic sleeve. In the picture below, there’s one large aluminum capacitor, three medium-size 1200-µf  capacitors and various smaller capacitors (you can see one marked “Germany”).  These ALL get replaced. It takes a bit of dexterity and soldering skills to get into some of the tight places. This amplifier, if I counted right, has 17 electrolytics. The replacement capacitors are physically much smaller and reaching the solder points is an art unto itself. It is imperative that the new capacitors are installed with the correct polarity, or things go horribly wrong! The Speed Control and Tormac Control Center also need to be Re-Capped.

Seeburg TSA1 Solid State Amplifier

Seeburg TSA1 Solid State Amplifier Original Caps