Care and Feeding of Your Wallbox

Most Jukebox motors can get tight, Lube them occasionally with light oil, but don’t over-do it.

On wallboxes, the motor armature is drawn into the motor to engage the clutch. If your bearings are sticky, the armature either will not engage the clutch, or will always be engaged.

Non-engagement will result in no pulses sent to the main jukebox.

A constantly engaged clutch may cause the wallbox to keep running, even when no coins are inserted.

Next are the leaf switches. They need to have fairly precise tension or gaps as appropriate . Adjusting them is an art to itself. The contacts themselves must be clean. Don’t use sandpaper to clean the contacts. Residual grit will interfere with the closure, and you may damage the silver plating.

 Here’s a tip to make your Seeburg 3W1 Wallbox Free-Play:

Seeburg 3W1 Free Play

Seeburg 3W1 Free Play

On  the credit Solenoid and Switch assembly, remove the Reset Bracket (shown in place in the top image, removed in the bottom image). You can store it for later re-use on the outer solenoid bracket in case you want to make your Seeburg Wallbox coin-op again.