The Jukebox Wiz welcomes you!


Major Announcement

I have an exciting announcement for a product coming real soon…

Some of us remember the Jukeboxes in Diners where we could put a dime or quarter in a little box at our table and choose our favorite songs. Those were called Wallboxes or Remote Selectors.

For some time, I’ve wanted to convert a PC into a Jukebox with a Seeburg Wallbox.

I’ve been working in my mad-scientist laboratory devising a new interface and software for use with the the Seeburg 3W1 Wallbox and it’s just about ready.

The software will work an any Windows based PC from XP thru Windows 7.

The interface kit includes a USB cabled adapter that plugs into your PC and connects to the Seeburg Wallbox. It includes a power adapter for the Wallbox.

Initially, the kit will only be available with the purchase of an in stock Seeburg 3W1 Wallbox.

As manufacturing progresses, I’ll announce pricing and when the kit can be purchased.

All registered purchasers receive free updates for 1 year.

Future plans include support more makes and models of Wallboxes. (Update: now works with Seeburg SC1 Wallboxes!)